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returns. george w. bush released 17 years of tax returns during the course of his career. partly because of the complexity of the modern code and tax avoidance at the top, which i think is a big problem. one of the ironies here is that you're advocating a 19% rate, which would, of course, be a tax hike for mitt romney. we should be clear in 2010 he paid 13.9% effective rate and 2011 estimate. so, on that, i can get, i can, you and i can find a little sliver in the diagram of common ground, which is that mitt romney should pay more in taxes, right? >> you know, the problem with those statistics you put up, chris, you know this, that how does mitt romney make his money? he makes it through investing, through bain capital. he owns stock. you're not including the money and if you include the corporate taxes. >> in the cayman islands so they don't pay any money in taxes. that's the whole point? why do you think they put them in the cayman islands? because they want the money to go to the beach. >> look, i don't know what he's doing with this cayman island money, what i'm talking about the inv
w. bush results in those with the best political connections getting their hands on the most money. because the guys who can hire the former members of congress as their lobbiests are not mom and pops. the tax breaks were handouts. the guys who were going to get their hands on the pie are the guys with the lobbiests. >> i think really i don't like the idea that obama grew the government. we had the worst recession since the great depression. and what was a strategy was to increase government spending and put more money back in people's pockets through increasing unemployment insurance which was done every time we enter recession which is the worst recession. we spent a lot of money to deal with a problem that obama inherited. i don't think you can leap from that and say this is a guy who can build a giant government. he is a pretty small government kind of guy. i think once we get out, completely out of this recession and once we start getting the economy, once the economy looks like it can manage on its own you are going to see the cutbacks. >> and projections in terms of governme
w. bush prez den circumstance not even counting the 2007 financial meltdown, the economy added on average 65,000 jobs each month. bad news on the economy is good for mitt romney. he blamed it on a failed obama presidency. >> we've looked at now over f r fouree years. we've seen that obama care has made it less likely for small businesses to hire. we've seen his financial regulatory burden make it less likely for small banks to make loans to businesses to get start and to grow. his policies have not worked. >> so i tlink's a general consensus, and it's correct that the economy's a driving issue to the campaign, but when we talk about the economy, the economy is a big, big, big thing and it has so many different facets to it. so, joe, part of the reason i wanted you here and john and major rah is that, you know, when we talk about the economy, what do we mean? everybody has different experiences to the economy. there are parts that are doing very well, there are parts of the economy that are doing terribly, and there are parts of the economy that are doing terribly and were doin
nsertiverincles w me a better, even george bush, i believe, like 10% ofhe african-american vote and i think he did court the african-americ vot >> iant it be clr, t realy ofmerin polics t menheostivil rigs er w dl theigni o t civil rights act. you have to choose as political party whether you're going to have the white racistvo. u catave a cliti tha s th bot togeer. at i jthealit o ameran polics. m su peoe wle offded that i ju wt t beclr. t sayg all, i'm saying the white racist is going to go to one side and black vote to the other. why would you have a political collision at hothf tho emen in th? >> tt'sometng i alws wonded. th linosheepubcan pay reh ou and sayou'r socially conservative and we're church-going folks and also socially conservative d i'm just alway spris thahere n't re o a pu. heentied itnts his spch befly sayg wld fend marrge. t ju in pas aing , i was surised he didn't try to establish more of a connection like that and just the broader strategy of republican politics. i thi isardo do becae theraring eme raci andrejuce tts invoed. we n goack t the poi th may the docra tak advaage o
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7 (some duplicates have been removed)

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